Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels in Austin, TX

Austin Chemical peels remove damaged layers of dead skin cells on the face, neck, chest or hands to improve texture and tone. chemical peels austin

Peel depths (tiers 1-3) ranges from mild to moderate peeling, with tier 1 being the least aggressive and tier 3 being most aggressive.

Tier 1 peels cause superficial dryness (done in summer months)

Tier 2 (most popular) create moderate flaking that lasts 3-5 days

Tier 3 creates a significant amount of skin shedding lasting 4-5 days.

Our peels don’t cause “down-time”. Slight redness can be expected in the first 24 hours and mild to moderate exfoliation won’t keep you from doing every day activities like working out or other semi-strenuous activities. Our signature post care products will reduce the amount of dryness post peel and help speed up the rejuvenation process.

Peels are used to treat fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin tone and texture and reduce minor scarring. The result is smoother, more radiant skin underneath. Peels done in a professional setting are more beneficial than home peels. Professional peels are done as an outpatient procedure and take approximately 20 minutes and but tend to cause more exfoliation and deliver better results due to more highly concentrated ingredients.

A series of peels is most beneficial for most people, however, the condition of your skin will determine the best course of action. Some people with more damaged skin will require a series of treatments done 3-6 weeks apart for best results. A 15 minute consultation will give you a better idea of what’s best for you.

There are different types of peels to address different issues. Beta Hydroxy, Alpha Hydroxy, TCA, Jessner, and Retinol Peels are just a few of the chemical peels offered at 512 Skincare. Peels can be done on their own or used to compliment facials, dermaplaning, microneedling, and various laser skin rejuvenation techniques.

Tier 1 peel (T1) – $140-$150 (minor flaking)

Tier 2 peel (T2) – $160-$170 (moderate flaking)

Tier 3 peel (T3) – $180-$200 (excessive flaking)

We Offer Extremely Effective Chemical Peels in Austin

We offer a variety of types of chemical peels to suit your specific needs. Chemical Peels are extremely beneficial for many skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation, aging skin, rosacea, light acne, sun damage, and photo aging.

What will chemical peels do?

  • Removes the build-up of dead skin cells
  • Stimulates the regenerative process
  • Decreases wrinkles and fine lines
  • Improves skin texture and tone
  • Reduces the appearance of hyper-pigmentation and age spots
  • Minimizes pore size
  • Helps clear blemishes
  • Promotes more balanced oil production and healthier skin

Not all peels cause skin to actually “peel”.

Wondering what’s best for you? Call for a consult and we will discuss your options.

Hibiscus Flower Acid Peel

Hibiscus Flower Acid Peel blends the next generation of AHAs to induce cell turnover for renewed, freshened skin. Helping to smooth and even skin tone and balance oil production, this healing treatment provides more hydration than lactic acid while offering strong lightening benefits. This soothing peel stimulates collagen activity, provides antioxidant benefits, gives extra support for acne, impure skin conditions, and is great for those with rosacea, sensitive skin. T1
Lotus Brightening Peel

Enhanced Jessner with lightening benefits for a brighter complexion and smoother skin tone. T2

Hot Tomato Peel

Tomato has many naturally occurring acids and antioxidants – the anti-bacterial benefits make this a specialized peeling for problematic, oily, acne-prone skin. This is a mid-depth peeling and the skin will experience mild exfoliation and increased healing. T2

The Apple Wine Anti-Aging Peel

This signature peel takes skin to a whole new level of health and appearance. This peel minimizes fine lines, reduces pigmentation, softens skin tissue, smoothes skin texture, and balances hydration. This is a great peel for firming, toning, antioxidant and brightening support. T2

Vitamin A (Retinol) Peptide Peel

Improves smoothness, reduce fine lines, and uneven pigmentation, coarse texture, enlarged pores, and provide clarity and radiance to the skin. The peptide will give skin a much more toned and firm appearance. Skin will experience aggressive exfoliation for 4-5 days and the appearance of skin will continue to improve over the next several weeks. T2

Acne / Blemish Control Peel

Great for acne prone, oily, impure and photo-aged skin. It provides regenerating and exfoliating benefits and antioxidant properties. T2

TCA Peel

Designed to improve collagen production, soften fine lines, smooth rough texture, reduce hyper-pigmentation and improve overall skin tone. T2

Additional Notes:
T3/deep peels are available upon request after a 1-1 consult and skin prep/patch test 48 hrs prior to treatment.
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We have a 48 hour cancelation (no show) policy. Please provide a minimum of 48 hours if you need to reschedule to avoid a $50 fee.
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